Commercial & business

Wilson Partners Law offers legal services in Cairns, and internationally (Including Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong and across Oceania), for business and commercial enterprise.  Our services cover the acquisition or disposal, corporations law, contract law and general practice relating to commerce, strategy and taxation.  

Business acquisition and disposal

We support many enterprises and changes in enterprises through the sale of businesses, interests in businesses and restructures.

Regularly, we support purchasing new businesses. This is via due diligence, contract review and advice and other matters.

Commercial, corporate and contract Law

Wilson Partners Law services clients across Australia, Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea in:

Supporting business in relation to the purchasing and provision of services, managing international fiscal policy issues, confidentiality and non-compete arrangements, contracts and other legal relationships, taxation, risk management to boards and organizations.

We also support various enterprises abroad, through capital raising in foreign markets, infrastructure delivery and maintenance in foreign countries and other consortium enterprises.

International & domestic commerce, commercial, structuring & corporate law

Within this practice, we help our clients develop their governance models as their lawyers across, Papua New Guinea, Oceania and South East Asia.

Wilson Partners Law supports organisations in taking advantage of operational, structuring and taxation benefits which present themselves within countries of operations.

Our focus includes helping our clients in expand into new markets, and developing corporate and governance strategies. These can take advantage of operational, structuring and taxation benefits which are available within your new country of operation.