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Wilson Partners Law in Cairns specialises in legal services in the natural resources, environmental law and town planning jurisdictions.  For more information, please refer below or be in contact with us for a free initial conversation.  

Natural resources law

There are 362 principal statutes and regulations which regulate access to and utilisation of natural resources and how those interact with planning, environment and heritage issues. For Project Managers, you will need, for accessing natural resources, need to develop your scheduling against the following legal and operational risk line items:

Environment and Heritage Legislation Tool

Wilson Partners Law owns and operates the patented Environment and Heritage Regulatory Database – an off the shelf legislation register, report builder and checklist for Environment and Heritage Due Diligence. This legal database and report builder, is only available to (for free) for clients of Wilson Partners Law.

You can access legal commentaries for 304 Acts, Regulations and Statutory Instruments, which also links you to the court cases decided under that Act, a current copy of the legislation in built, the explanatory memorandum and a list of the triggers under that instrument or legislation.

Click to access the database [www.ehdatabase.com.au]

Environment and enforcement

The Founding Partners has, in an operational environment, developed, managed and implemented policies into construction companies and organisations, who have an annual CAPEX expenditure exceeding $5 Billion per year. In representing these clients, the Founding Partner was able to successfully fight for and obtain legislative change to remove millions of dollars in red tape / green tape.

In this role, the Founding Partner supported the organisations in relation to their obligations as a Suitable Registered Operator for a multitude of different kinds of Environmentally Relevant Activities under the Environmental Protection Act and Regulation. This included developing and refining compliance with Quarrying Operations, where the Founding Partner reviewed an unquantifiable number of quarries across Queensland.


Prior to this, the Founding Partner was an environmental prosecutor, for Local Government and the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (in its former iterations as the EPA and DERM). The Founding Partners has an unblemished record in environmental criminal legal proceedings.

We take this unique experience to our clients and help them manage their risks so that the risks never actually materialise. Where the risks materialise, then we use our skills and knowledge to obtain the best outcome for you.

Our firm has a unique experience in natural resources, land and environment that will not be found anywhere else.